News Release:   October 18, 2001

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Although the current great concern over mail and other methods of spreading biologic contaminants maybe overblown, people are concerned.  Those in mailrooms and working for  "target firms" have special fears.  The following is data on a very simple, effective and economical way to reduce the risks and lessen the fear:

Crestline Industries of Owings Mills, Maryland has 3 unique products that can protect individuals from various risks, such as Anthrax, caustics and similar physical irritants.  DermaShield, DermaPlus and Insurskin all form a film lattice which acts as a mechanical barrier against biologics that may come in contact with the skin surface.  This greatly reduces the probability of cutaneous infection.

As the lattice is formed, it penetrates deeply into the spaces between the squamous cells (dead skin cells) of the stratum corneum (outermost skin layer) and acts as a mortar-like material, binding the surface skin cells into a uniform sheet.  Tiny cracks and micro lesions, frequently occurring on the skin surface and large enough to allow skin penetration by microbes, are effectively sealed.  The mathematical probability of possible infection through these unseen skin openings is much greater than infection through visible open wounds.  An example would be the fine tears which occur between cuticles and fingernails, especially when it comes to how men do not take care of their skin and have a tendency to rip out hangnails in these areas.

Openings in the film lattice are very small when compared to the relative size of microbes.  The “Anthrax” microbe is roughly 6 microns (.000006 meter) in length, whereas, the lattice openings are no more than 6 Angstroms units (0000000006 meter) in diameter.  The microbe is therefore, ten thousand times larger than the lattice opening.  One can liken the above to trying to shove a basketball through a tennis racket!  The electrical affinity microbes utilize to affix themselves to the skin surface becomes ineffective due to the skin protectant making the surface non-ionic and chemically inert.  Microbes are effectively repelled to the outer most skin surface, becoming more exposed to antimicrobial products, and are much more easily removed with simple skin washing.

DermaShield, DermaPlus and Insurskin are non-toxic creams that can be applied to any part of the body.  They are greaseless and will last for several hours, even if the individual washes with strong soap.  Further, the products are FDA certified so that they can be used in food preparation areas, and also will not harm anyone who has the product on their hands and eats something with their fingers.  Product cost is about $0.25 {25 cents) per application to the hands.

phone: 410-764-2444   fax: 410-602-8401 
contact:   Steven M. Sass   410-602-8401

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