Fire Safety Towel  FOR





A. Where appropriate [stove, welding torch etc] turn off the heat source IMMEDIATELY !

B. Carefully place Fire Safety Towel completely over flames. [Incomplete coverage may allow oxygen to keep the fire going.] Be careful not to allow towel to become soaked with grease or other flammable material.

C. Towel can be used to shield you from heat to reduce possibility of burns.

D. CALL FIRE DEPT. It is recommended professional help remove Fire Towel and to make sure everything else is safe.

E. It will require 10 to 15 minutes for the heated substance to cool to a temperature which will prevent re-ignition. Take care not to touch any utensils exposed to fire as they may be extremely hot.

FOLLOWING USE OF FIRE SAFETY TOWEL DO NOT WASH or use towel for any other purpose. More than one use will NOT reduce the retardant properties, but towel may have structural damage. If there is damage, you can receive a REPLACEMENT TOWEL. Send used Fire Safety Towel, letterdescribing how it was used, a prepaid return envelop and $7 to: Crestline Industries. We want to learn of and advise people about the Fire Safety Towel and its successes. Your testimonial may help others. The product can greatly assist in the reduction of damages caused by fire when used with the instructions given.